Bankstown CDAT have focused on addressing the gap in local knowledge of drug and alcohol
support services by delivering evidence based early intervention and prevention program for
youth in the local community.

CDAT members have been supported to undertake training in a program that is at the core of
intervention and prevention aimed at reducing drug and alcohol use and improving emotional

The Preventure workshops focus on motivating teenagers to understand how their personality style leads to certain emotional and behavioral reactions. With this training under the belt of CDAT members, they will be moving forward within the next few years by working within community and school groups to
increase capacity of young people to deal with current issues related to alcohol and other drugs and support their wellbeing in a time of emotional turbulence.

These activities have encouraged behavior change withing the Bankstown community and raised awareness of the harms of shisha and other drugs, as well as educating the community on services available to assist.