Forbes CDAT, recognise the importance of supporting young people in their community to make healthy choices that encourage them to thrive, grow and engage. An organisation that is well suited to do this is the PCYC.

Image credit - Forbes AdvocateFit for Life is a program which connects with young people in their community to engage in healthy activities. Forbes CDAT collaborate with their local PCYC to ensure that these young people can get to the early morning activity, connect with other young people, and enjoy a healthy breakfast to ensure they get a great start to their day. Another benefit noticed is the positive relationship young people build with Police. They become mates and no longer seen as someone who is out to get them.

Fit For Life is an early intervention program designed to engage youth ages 10 to 17 who are at risk of poor choices and anti-social behaviours. Through physical fitness, nutrition and social engagement, the activity aims to improve overall wellbeing and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.Forbes walk and talk for life event CDAT

Walk & Talk for Life Keeping with the theme of staying active to stay healthy, an event held in May drew a crowd of around with 80 – 100 participants who heard Jeffrey Amatto speak about the importance of having a healthy life. This contributes to: reducing and preventing harms that can come from using alcohol and drugs, general AOD awareness and promoting a healthy way of life.

The aim of the Walk and Talk for Life activity brought people and communities together to support one another, to make connections, to lend an ear, to offer empathy, to share compassion and understanding, and to raise awareness of AOD prevention and harm minimisation.