YourRoom contains a number of useful resources that we encourage CDATs to use. These are our most recommended publications.  Click the links below to download. You can also order some of these as physical documents too.
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A Quick Guide to Drugs and Alcohol

This easy-to-read resource provides information on a range of drugs including; alcohol, tobacco, methamphetamines, hallucinogens and cannabis drug effects, drugs and driving, pregnancy, treatment and statistics drugs and the law drug classification, why people use drugs, dependence, mental health and where to go for help.

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Alcohol and The Brain – Youth Wallet Card

This wallet-sized foldout drug and alcohol information card for young people (14 – 18 years) provides information about the effect of alcohol on brain development.

The card also presents accurate statistics about the decrease in youth drug and alcohol consumption since 2011 behaviour and links to drug and alcohol information and help.

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Alcohol Drug Facts

This easy to read fact sheet provides the facts on alcohol – the immediate and long term effects on your body and life, interaction with other drugs, alcohol use during pregnancy, tolerance and dependence, withdrawal, driving, the law (in NSW) and information on a range of alcohol and other drug services.

The fact sheet also illustrates standard drinks and provides information on safe drinking levels as recommended by the NHMRC alcohol guidelines.

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Your Pocket Guide to a Good Night Out

This pocket size booklet for young people provides information about the risks associated with binge drinking and tips for having a safe and enjoyable night when alcohol is around. The guide includes:

  • tips for a safer night
  • how do you know if you’ve had too much?
  • when is too much dangerous?
  • what to do in an emergency
  • looking after your mates.

This booklet is designed for use in information stalls, libraries and youth, health and community centres.

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Drug Smart

This publication provides drug and alcohol information for young people (14 – 18 years) and aims to dispel myths on some of the drugs that young people may encounter, including alcohol. The publication presents real life situations which encourages teens to think about their behaviour and advises them how to get help if they need it.

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Standard Drinks Guide

A quick reference guide to the number of standard drinks alcohol in a range of alcoholic drinks.

A quick reference guide to the number of standard drinks in a range alcoholic drinks. A standard drink is the measure of alcohol used to work out safe drinking levels.

This guide can be used by health professionals when discussing alcohol with a woman during pregnancy.

The standard drinks guide can also be used by health workers with all clients when discussing alcohol intake or misuse.

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Your Service Hub and Your Room Postcard

This postcard promotes Your Service Hub which has a range of alcohol and other drug; health and community services available across NSW that support – people needing treatment for their own substance use; families, partners and friends of people who use substances; people from Aboriginal, LGBTI and diverse cultures.

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